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Gulf Urea and DAP Prices Continue Lower

In the week ending October 6, average Urea and DAP prices in the New Orleans region (NOLA) finished lower for the second consecutive week.

After a three-week run-up in September that pushed prices $48/ton higher, Gulf urea prices have turned lower over the past two weeks, giving back $20/ton. Last week, NOLA granular urea prices fell 3.8% week-over-week to an average $226 per ton; down from $235 the prior week.

Compared to a year ago, prices for granular urea in the New Orleans region are $36 per ton or 19% higher.

DAP (diammonium phosphate) prices were lower again last week as well. Average prices at NOLA fell $9 per ton week-over-week to $323 from $332 per ton. Tampa and Central Florida region prices were both flat week-over-week at $345 and $355 per ton respectively. Year-over-year, DAP prices in NOLA are up $10 per ton or 3% for the week ending October 6th.

Source: Scott Stiles, University of Arkansas Ag Economist